ASA Flange Materials

The ASA Flange system is illustrated below.

A seal is effected with this flange system when nuts and bolts are tightened compressing an “O”-ring between the flanges as shown above. When ordering, please specify which flange will need an “O”-ring groove in order to achieve this seal. This applies especially to elbows, crosses and tees. All types of custom adapters and fittings can be made to your specifications.

The comprehensive ASA range is summarized below. Additional detailed information is available from the downloadable brochure available left. If you cannot see the kind of fitting or assembly you seek, call as we can fabricate to your specific requirements.

Flange Hardware:

Viton-A “O”-ring Kits, Bolt Kits


Rotatable and Non-rotatable


Flange Adaptors – QF, LF, CF with rotating and fixed flanges

Bellows – 6-16″

Hose – 12″, 18″, 24″ and 36″ long

ASA to Metal Hose – rotatable and non-rotatable

Tees – with rotating and fixed flanges

Crosses – 5 and 6 way with rotating and fixed flanges

Elbows – 45° and 90° radius

Nipples – half, full, conical and reducer

VTD staff is always available to discuss your application and specific needs.We are only a phone call away!