CF Flanges And Fittings

CF flanges, fittings and accessories are made to industry standards ensuring complete interchangeability with all other Conflat type flanges and are designed to offer superior, leak free performance in all high and ultra-high vacuum applications.

These flanges are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) lathes to ensure consistently close dimensional tolerances and extremely fine surface finishes. The flanges are carefully protected during the manufacturing process to prevent any damage to the knife edge and are cleaned and packed to ensure a perfect flange, ready for immediate use in any application.

CF flanges are available in sizes ranging from the mini (1.33O.D.) flange up to 16.5″O.D. flanges, and accommodate tubing from 0.25″ thru 14″. These flanges are available in both rotatable and non-rotatable versions, and both types are offered with thru bolt holes or tapped holes.

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