Pump Fluids

A wide range of fluids and greases for vacuum applications are available from Vacuum Technology. Only those commonly used are summarized below; however, we also offer specialized fluids if you have an unusual or demanding application. As always, call if you cannot see what you are looking for!

Mechanical Pump Fluids:

Mechanical Pump Fluid

Available in 1, 5 and 55 gallon containers and 12 liter and 4 gallon cases

Diffusion Pump Fluids:

Convoil 20


Available in quantities ranging from 100cc to 5 gallon drums

Vacuum Greases and Lubricants:

Celvacene Light High Vacuum Grease

Celvacene Medium High Vacuum Grease

Celvacene Heavy High Vacuum Grease

All available in 1/4 lb, 1 lb and 25 lb packages


Krytox LVP Perfluorinated Vacuum Grease

Available in 2 oz and 1 lb packs