QF Flanges and Fittings

ISO Components (a flange system designed in accordance with ISO- International Standard Organization – Standard 2861/1) are an economical, convenient and simplified means of constructing custom vacuum systems. Essentially, this flange system consists of two identical, 360° rotatable flanges, a centering ring which supports an elastomer “O”-ring and a quick acting clamp which compresses the sealing ring between the two flanges.

All manufacturers, regardless of how they designate their product, (KF, NW, QF, Pneurop, etc.) machine these components to measurements determined by these standards, and as such are interchangeable.

As with any standard product, the user should look for product availability, quality and service from their supplier. A&N has been manufacturing products since 1965, and VTD has been distributing these to customers since 1991.

As a stocking distributor and custom fabrication facility, VTD has an established reputation with customers who have come to expect exceptional product and quality service as every day events.