Tri-Seal Systems

Tri-Seal Components offer several key features:

Flanges accommodate either metal or elastomer seals

Unique design protects both elastomer and metal sealing surfaces

Adaptors to CF, ISO and ASA systems are always available

Quick Clamp style flanges are available for up to 2″ tubing

Flanges are sexless and infinitely rotatable

In UHV with high temperatures, in high pressures, in corrosive atmospheres and in many situations where ISO, ASA or CF fittings were not found to be ideal, Tri-Seal has been tested and found successful.

Illustrations on the System 1 (Elastomer Seal) and System 2 (Metal Seal) pages (links above) outline the sealing mechanism and performance features of this type of flange which is uniquely versatile in operation.

The quick clamp style flanges facilitate ease of assembly and are designed such that standard ISO clamps can be used in elastomer sealed applications. Our stronger clamp with stainless trim is recommended for use with metal sealed situations. This unique, all 304 stainless, flange sealing system can be used in many non-vacuum applications with positive feedback already in hand from chemical, cryogenic and pharmaceutical industries.

The downloadable brochure should answer most questions and we are, as always, only a phone call away!