Turbo Pumps

Balzers2A wide range of Turbomolecular Pumps are available. Additionally, Vacuum Technology can offer tailored pumping packages.

There are a wide range of Turbomolecular pumps available today each with their individual strengths. The correct choice of pump for a given application can depend on many factors.


Throughput / gas load conditions / duty cycle

Ultimate pressure needs

Application – Leak Checking / Gas Analysis etc.

Physical limitations / constraints

Environment – exposure to aggressive materials

Compatibility with other pump units already on site

Service and support quality / location

Commensurate with the considerations above, VTD can supply Turbo-molecular pumps from a wide range to fit the specific needs of an application.

Additionally, we are ideally placed to be able to offer tailored pumping packages (turbomolecular and backing pumps) which may or may not be mounted in a portable/fixed frame. We would be glad to develop a cost effective solution for your pumping needs.

As always, the VTD staff is available to answer questions!